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What is IBC Solar Cell & IBC Solar Panel?

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  • Time:2019-12-17
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What is IBC solar cell?
The IBC solar cell (Interdigitated back contact solar cell) is a technology that moves both positive and negative metal contacts to the back of the solar cell sheet, so that the front of the solar cell sheet facing the sun is completely black, and the metal wires (on the front of traditional solar cell) are completely invisible. This not only brings more effective power generation area to users, but also helps to improve power generation efficiency, and it is more beautiful in appearance.

The biggest feature of IBC solar cells is that the PN junction and metal contacts are on the back of the solar cell. There is no metal electrode shielding on the front, so it has a higher short-circuit current Isc. At the same time, the back can allow a wider metal gate line to reduce the series resistance Rs and thus Improve the fill factor FF; coupled with the front surface field (FSF) of the solar cell and the open-circuit voltage gain brought about by the good passivation effect, this front unobstructed solar cell has a high conversion efficiency.

What is a customized IBC solar panel?
When the IBC solar cell is cut into a certain size by an automated solar cell laser cutting machine according to specific needs, the SMT machine is used to weld the cut IBC solar cell to a PCB backplane, and then laminate (The structure of the IBC Solar panel is: PET or ETFE film / IBC solar cell / PCB backplane), and then sent to the laminator for lamination.

What are the applications of customized IBC solar panels?
Customized IBC solar panels can usually be applied to IoT devices, wireless sensors, RFID, GPS positioning, alarms, immobilizers, shared-bike, smart homes, LED lighting, solar underground lights, solar lawn lights, smart gas alarms, solar toys, solar crafts, other small solar powered electrical devices etc.

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