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What is an ETFE solar panel?

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  • Time:2019-10-21
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To understand ETFE solar panel, first, let's take a look at what is an ETFE film?


The chemical name of ETFE is ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer, which is a polymer material with good chemical resistance. ETFE film can be obtained by melting ETFE particles at high temperature and then extruded. Pure ETFE is colorless and can be processed into transparent ETFE film with light transmittance of up to 95%.


What are the characteristics of ETFE film?

Compressive and tensile properties: very good compression resistance, can withstand severe weather such as heavy rain, hail, sandstorms;


Fire resistance, heat resistance: When using fire to ignite it, it will extinguish itself when it leaves the fire. It will burn at a temperature above 715 degrees to burn a hole, and it will be smokeless, non-proliferating, and no burning matter will fall;


Self-cleaning property: the friction coefficient is small, it is not easy to adhere to dust, and it is easy to wash;


Transmittance: ETFE can achieve 95% transmittance, and can also reduce transparency to 50% by surface printing;


Thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity of the ETFE film is low, and the energy consumption index can be further reduced by the number of layers of the film;


Lightweight: ETFE film is only 1% of the weight of the same size glass;


Environmentally friendly: Recyclable, that is, re-use of new membrane materials, or separation of impurities to produce other ETFE products.


What is an ETFE solar panel?

The ETFE solar panel is a solar panel with an ETFE film as a packaging material. Its structure is: ETFE film + EVA + solar cell + EVA + PCB board. ETFE solar panels are waterproof, UV-resistant, lightweight and have a long service life (more than 5 years). ETFE solar panels are widely used in IoT equipment, wireless sensors, solar offshore lighting, solar lights, solar toys and more.

Editor: Carrie Wong / WSL Solar


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