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Not Afraid to be Listed as PHEIC, Longji and Dongfang Risheng Are Full of Confidence in Photovoltaic Exports

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  • Time:2020-02-13
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Catching up with the epidemic during the Spring Festival holiday in 2020 has brought great challenges to the development of Chinese foreign trade enterprises.

Since the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection has been recognized by the World Health Organization as an "public health emergency of international concern" (ie, PHEIC), the uncertainty of foreign trade development has undoubtedly increased. 

The industry estimates that China's export trade, including photovoltaics, will be affected to some extent in the next three months. 

Industry insiders revealed that in this epidemic, in addition to the restrictions on entry and exit of personnel from overseas ports, product cargo, containers, etc. will be subject to strict quarantine, and some may even be required to delay customs clearance. Generally speaking, for commodities from the affected areas, overseas will raise the entry barrier or directly prohibit entry. 

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A Chinese new energy exporter pointed out that the company made a certain amount of stocks before the holiday and insisted that it would be okay for a few months. However, the company's sales department would be limited in business trips. In the later stage, it was most likely that customs would seize the goods.

As well as some difficulties encountered by distributors during the distribution process, some PV grid-connected project nodes will be delayed. 

However, the above personnel stated that if the epidemic situation is eliminated within three to four months, the overall export situation will recover rapidly. 

In fact, since the "531 New Deal" in 2018, the trends and developments in overseas markets have attracted more expectations from enterprises, and the export of components has attracted much attention from the industry. 

From January to December 2019, the total shipment volume of photovoltaic modules reached 63.61GW, and the total export value was 16.229 billion US dollars. From the perspective of the export regional market, the Netherlands' shipments were 8.35GW and the export value was US $ 2.117 billion, ranking first. Japan's shipments were 5.77GW and the export value was US $ 1.601 billion, ranking second. India's shipment was 5.58GW. Amount of 1.241 billion US dollars, ranking third. 

Recently, during the conference call, Longji Co., Ltd. answered questions such as "Will the export of Chinese production modules be rejected by other countries" and "Can Longji Co.'s overseas production capacity meet the order demand?" 

Longji shares said that from the perspective of future sales, the entire epidemic was controlled by personnel, and the policies introduced were mainly airline cancellations, restrictions on entry, etc. The restrictions on people were visible, and the restrictions on goods were not currently visible. 

Longji shares further pointed out that the impact of the epidemic on photovoltaic exports is nothing more than the time of delivery and the extension of the transport cycle. Generally speaking, there is no major impact on exports. The Longji sales team is tracking overseas orders and components. If production capacity is affected, the company will re-arrange the priority of shipments and arrange a reasonable shipping location based on capacity. 

In addition to Longji, Dongfang Risheng is also optimistic about photovoltaic exports. 

A few days ago, Zhuang Yinghong, Global Marketing Director of Oriental Risheng, said that an industry analysis report predicted that the global new photovoltaic installed capacity of 140GW ~ 150GW in 2020, a year-on-year increase of more than 20%, of which overseas new photovoltaic installed capacity exceeded 100GW, which will be Oriental Risheng Opportunities for photovoltaic products export.

Editor: Carrie Wong / WSL Solar 

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