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Looking Forward to 2020: Solar Photovoltaic Demand May Usher in a Major Reversal

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  • Time:2019-12-27
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2019 is coming to an end, and solar PV people are full of expectations for the upcoming 2020 industry trend.
With the gradual clarification of solar photovoltaic policies, the release of new bidding indicators, and the steady growth of deferred projects and overseas demand in 2019, 2020 may usher in a major reversal of demand in the solar photovoltaic industry.
According to the statistics of China Electricity Union, this year, due to the rush of time due to the late issuance of the indicator, the cumulative domestic new grid connection from August to October this year was only 3.68GW. The decline in prices has led to a lack of enthusiasm for the photovoltaic companies. In December, a large number of projects have gradually entered the grid connection node, and the installed capacity may usher in a significant improvement.

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2020 new solar photovoltaic installations show a resumed growth
At the recent solar photovoltaic industry conference, Wang Bohua, vice chairman and secretary-general of the China Solar Photovoltaic Industry Association, predicts that the new installed capacity of solar photovoltaic in China will show a resumed growth next year, and the installed scale will reach about 40GW.
Wang Bohua pointed out that due to the late implementation of this year's policy, it will take time to complete the procedures for access to the Internet and land. Some project indicators this year may be transferred to next year. It is expected that China's solar photovoltaic construction and related management policies next year will be introduced at the end of this year or early next year.
Specific to China, Wang Bohua expects that the new installed capacity of solar photovoltaic in China will resume growth next year, and the installed scale will reach about 40GW.
Wang Bohua particularly emphasized that China's solar photovoltaic industry will accelerate its integration next year. "In the second half of 2019, domestic production companies will continue to expand production to a certain degree, increasing the production capacity of high-efficiency products. It is expected that the production scale of head enterprises will become larger and larger, and the degree of industrial competition will further increase. Coupled with the strong entry of high-quality state-owned enterprises, some do not have competition Powerful companies will gradually launch the solar photovoltaic market. "
Further expansion of overseas market
With the vigorous development of the global solar photovoltaic industry, a large number of regional markets continue to emerge, and the development of overseas markets has become one of the important starting points for Chinese solar photovoltaic companies to enhance their expectations, confidence and ability to resist risks.
Today's customers in overseas markets not only care about price, but also focus on product quality and efficiency. Technological innovation has become the core competitiveness of promoting China's solar photovoltaic products to "go global".
Huawei, CITIC Bo, and other companies have become a group of photovoltaic companies that have earlier realized "going global".
In 2019, Huawei's inverter business has maintained rapid growth in overseas markets, with a growth rate of 100%. The company expects that the network energy industry sales revenue will exceed 30 billion yuan this year, a year-on-year growth of 40%.
Since CITIC Bo officially entered the Indian market in 2015, overseas markets have achieved large-scale expansion. As of 2018, the total shipments of trackers and fixed brackets in the Indian market reached 2503MW, of which tracker shipments were 813MW.
In addition to the Indian market, CITIC Bo is also popular in Asia Pacific, Australia, Vietnam and other places. Among them, in 2019, CITIC Bo has provided more than 1GW of solar photovoltaic support systems for 12 projects in the Vietnamese market, and smoothly connected to the grid.
Thanks to the positive influence of domestic enterprises' “going global”, the scale of overseas markets has further expanded.
Wang Bohua concluded, "In the first half of 2019, the global installed capacity of solar photovoltaic power generation was about 47GW. Among them, Vietnam ’s new installed capacity exceeded 4GW, showing explosive growth; Ukraine ’s new installed capacity in the first half of the year was 1.25GW, a new year last year. The installed capacity was increased by 90%, and the new installed capacity in Mexico in the first half of the year was also around 1GW, a growth rate of more than 30%.
Looking ahead to 2020, it is certain that the steady growth of overseas demand may help reverse the demand of the entire solar photovoltaic industry next year, which will lead to a substantial increase in the export volume of Chinese solar photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises.
Editor: Carrie Wong / WSL Solar
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