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4W 9V Round Shape Frameless Solar Panel
4W 9V Round Shape Frameless Solar Panel

Product Features
1). Choose highest-efficiency of monocrystalline solar cell and produce most power in the limited area.
2). Round shape design ensure good combination with metallic part.
3). Laminated by rigid tempered glass which protects inside PV cells against severe environment.
Item no.: E-14
Dimensions: 295mm x 4.5mm
Type of solar cell: High efficiency of monocrystalline solar cell
Quantities of solar cell: 18 pieces
Peak power: 4 watt
Power tolerance: 3%
Rated voltage: 9 V
Rated current: 0.44 A
Open-circuit voltage: 10.8 V
Short-circuit current: 0.51 A
Product warranty: 5 years
Weight: 0.71 kg
Front sheet: Tempered 3.2mm glass
Back sheet: TPT
Delivery time: 7 days
Storage temperature: -20C ~ 65C
Working temperature: -40C ~ 85C
Test conditions: 1000watt/m2, 1.5AM, 25C
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