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WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of customized solar panel and solution provider in China since 2006. We are specialized in research, development, manufacturing and service of solar panels and solar energy application products. With the professional R&D team and advanced manufacturing and testing facilities, we make different kinds of customized solar photovoltaic panels to meet customer's specific requirement.

Our product ranges include:

- Customized small solar panel (0.1W ~ 5W):
PET solar panel / Epoxy solar panel / Tempered glass solar panel

- Monocrystalline solar module & Polycrystalline solar module?(0.1W ~ 200W)

- Amorphous silicon solar cells (indoor solar cell and outdoor solar cell)

Our crystalline solar panels are widely used in commercial or residential solar power system, home solar photovoltaic systems, solar lighting system and DIY solar panels kit etc;
And amorphous solar cells, featuring with good performance at weak light condition, are quite suitable for wireless and self-powered products, such as wireless sensors, calculators, switches, controllers, scales, thermometers and other electronic equipments.

We grow with our customers by offering superior quality and service worldwide.

About Us
Our Value
  PET Solar Panel 4.5V 1.8W
  Solar Photovoltaic Module 5V 0.5W
  Solar Module 1V 450mA
  Epoxy solar panel 4.5V 1W
  Customized Solar Panel 5V 2.1W
  Round Solar Panel 5V 3.5W
  Epoxy Solar Panel 5.5V 3.7W
  Small Solar Panel 5V 1W
  Mini Solar Cell 4.5V 80mA
  Monocrystalline Solar Panel 18V 5.5W
  Monocrystalline Solar Panel 12V 24W
  Polycrystalline Solar Module 12V 12W
  Polycrystalline Solar Module 12V 29W
  4.1W 18.9V Mono-crystalline Photovoltaic Solar Module
  Amorphous Solar Cell 4V 9.1uA
  Indoor Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell 4V 26.6uA
  Flexible Thin Film Solar Panel 5.87V 144mA